Transport Working Group

  • Colin Worley (CPC) – Lead
  • Judy Collins (CPC)
Associate Members
  • Vickie Beardall-Richards (CPC)
  • Robert Ford (Cholsey Environment Champions (CHEC))
  • Claire van Koppen (CHEC)
  • Gretha Dignan (CHEC)
  • Trevor Bederman (CHEC)
  • Katherine Keats-Rowan (CHEC)
  • Nick Antram (CHEC)

To carry out tasks related to projects and activities identified in CPC’s Transport Plan 2023 which have been authorised by Council to proceed.

Terms of Reference

Full Terms of Reference are available separately on this site.


These will be called as deemed necessary, they are not open to the public, but all meetings will be documented, and minutes made available on this site.


This Working Group has no delegated financial power (it cannot spend money).

Transport Plan 2023

This plan is a collection of ideas, proposals, and plans that will evolve over time. Each is intended to improve our transport infrastructure. Separately these projects will compliment each other, collectively they form a coherent plan. As elements of the plan are still under discussion, at time of writing, the full plan is not publicly available. Target for publication is Summer 23.