Environment Champions


Several working groups are engaged in activities designed to mitigate against climate change and improve the environment.

  • Carbon Footprint – The group responsible for this website.
  • Community Energy – Looking into the feasibility of creating a community project to supply renewable energy to power local buildings.
  • Food and Growing – Working to help make sustainable food choices available to residents and to support the community to grow food within Cholsey.
  • Home Energy – Working to help individual homes to use less energy and use sustainable forms of energy.
  • Transport – Working to reduce the number of cars in Cholsey and increase the use of sustainable transport.
  • Waste Reduction – Working to reduce waste such as plastic packaging and make recycling accessible to all.
  • Wildlife – Working to improve the diversity of flora and fauna within Cholsey and increase the variety of habitats.

For more information contact our environmental coordinator Vicky Beardall-Richards on or call 07547 704 672. The ChEC Facebook page can be found here.

Cholsey Community Development Trust

The CCDT have more information and suggestions for combating climate change at

Cholsey Parish Council

The Parish Council has committed:

  • To work towards the Parish Council and parish Neighbourhood Plan objectives to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions significantly
  • To promote within the Parish Council and parish the protection and restoration of the natural world to prevent widespread biodiversity and species loss, and to increase the GHG sinks.

We are responsible for 38% more emissions than the average for the UK! We are a rural parish, and that means more car use. We are more prosperous than the average, so we take more flights and buy more stuff.

We are all different – you don’t need to be the same as the average! Find out your personal carbon footprint so you can work out if and where you need to change.

There are many ways to reduce your footprint. See our suggestions.

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