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Transport Plan

Role of the Transport Group

The CHEC Transport Group is now also an official Working Group reporting to the Cholsey Parish Council. We have developed the Cholsey Transport Plan.

To implement that Plan we have divided our Transport work into 3 broad themes. A (Cycling),  B (Safety) and C (Public Transport).

The current detailed items headings of which are essentially:

  • A: Combined Cycle Foot Paths (Fair Mile to Cholsey School (including Long Path), Wallingford and Reading Roads, cycle racks, training, Green Paths to adjacent villages, crossing Thames. Rain shelters. Promoting health. LED lighting. Making footpaths less muddy in winter.
  • B: Road Safety – 20 mph zones, crossings of Reading Road, crossings in Cholsey, pavement repairs, ramps and tactile paving for disabled, improve for elderly, prams, mobility scooters, Blue Badge. Disabled access to buses and rail. Cholsey School. Equestrians. Car Parking. Car usage. School walking buses. 20 Minute Neighbourhood. Street lighting. Road flooding.
  • C: Railways, including Cholsey-Wallingford, Buses, Fare structures, Connectivity, Homeworking, Click and Collect, Electric Vehicles (advice on support schemes), E-Scooters, Cargo bikes, Drone deliveries. Car share /pool schemes, taxi services, community cars.